giovedì 13 agosto 2015

Sisley, the new cruise collection with great sunscreen filters!

I solari di Sisley Paris sono famosi per i loro macro filtri, particolarmente stabili e resistenti ai raggi Uva (determinano l'invecchiamento cutaneo) e Uvb (provocano eritemi e scottature). Questa caratteristica è stata rinforzata nella nuova cruise line Super Soin Solaire, resistente all'acqua, che contiene estratto di stella alpina, lupino bianco dolce e acetato di vitamina E a protezione della pelle dal sole, dell'elasticità e idratazione. La texture è ultra leggera e morbida per il corpo, cremosa per la protezione viso (ottimo antimacchia).
Ho provato a fare un esperimento: usare l'Spf 30+ al posto del solito 50+ che utilizzo al mare per evitare terribili eritemi e proteggere i nei. Devo ammettere che la pelle è stata protetta molto bene per diverse ore e bagni. Non si è per nulla irritata. Non ho però adoperato un Spf più basso, il mio dermatologo mi avrebbe rimproverata... :)))

The solar sun creams by Sisley Paris are famous for their macro filters, particularly stable and resistant to UVA (they cause skin aging) and UVB (rashes and burns). This feature has been enhanced in the new cruise line Super Soin Solaire, water resistant, containing edelweiss extract, sweet white lupine and acetate vitamin E to protect the skin from the sun and have elasticity and hydration effect. The texture is ultra light and soft for the body, creamy for the face protection (great to prevent dark spots).
I tried an experiment, using SPF 30+ instead of the usual 50+ that I usually apply to avoid terrible rashes and protect moles. I must admit that the skin was protected very well for several hours and bathrooms. It was not irritated at all. I did not use a lower SPF, my dermatologist would have scolded me ... :)))

Thanks to my husband for this last pic of me :)))


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  1. I never heard of this product great review doll. Pretty picture.

  2. devo provare i prodotti sisley!! :)

  3. Molto bella la tua rivista Elena! E sei cosi chic nell'ultima foto! Un bacio Cara!


  4. Cool look! Have a nice day :)

    I follow you!
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts!

  5. Non li ho mai provati, ma con questo post mi hai davvero tanto incuriosito!

  6. This is beautiful! Hope you have an awesome Friday!

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  7. I never try this cream

  8. :)

    Adorei os produtos.

    Ótima quinta!

    Beijo! ^^

  9. You have written a great review. I had never heard of product before. In the last few years I have realized how important SPF is.

  10. Mi attira tantissimo la soluzione in spray, adoro poter dosare benissimo il prodotto, ottima review,

  11. Ottimi non solo i solari Sisley!
    Anche tuo marito è bravo.... o è molto fotogenica la modella!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  12. Sono solari ottimi io uso la protezione per il viso e non ha eguali..
    Solo che i prezzi sono un po altini ( come tutto di Sisley)

  13. Lovely product, looks good.

  14. Oh, dear Elena, you are really a true beauty, your husband must be so in love with you <3 The product sounds very good and I think it's a try worth, especially as the ingredients are very convincing.
    Hoffentlich geht es Dir gut und Ihr genießt den Sommer!
    Kisses from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  15. non ho mai provato i prodotti Sisley, sai?!

  16. Ciao Elena, devo dire che ti trovo bellissima in questa foto. Conosco il brand e lo adoro da sempre.
    Un bacione
    Fashion Blog - Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary

  17. my skin is so pale, I am always on the lookout for good sun lotions. Sounds like you have a keeper!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  18. Non ho mai provato i solari Sisley, ma sono sicura che hanno una qualità altissima!!!

  19. amazing post :)

  20. Ciao Elena, haha you don't have to be sorry. People mistake us all the time. Lola and Holly are thinner than me and on top of that I'm the smallest too :D Life's unfair :D Usually I never wear sun protection cos it's always cold over here. This year with this awful heatwave that's still going strong I should have made an exception. I have already some dark spots on my face (and I hate them). This lightweight cream sounds perfect. If you can recommend a cream that helps to get rid of dark spots don't hesitate to tell me :D
    I have started the new blog as my personal diary. This year has been pretty bad so far and I want to have a place where I can complain about it and whine a bit or a lot :D I don't even care if someone reads it. It's just there to make me feel better. I'm not happy with the glamdevils layout and stuff but my sister Holly has the admin rights. So I can't change anything on the blog. She's like the "boss" although I'm doing 95% of the work. One day I'm going to tell her beep off and than I have my own space ;-) Yes you could say I'm mad at her. Okay enough complaining ;-) I'll have my own blog for that now. I almost forgot that I have also my other blog but Holly chose the layout and I really wanted my own thing. I haven't even told my sisters of my new blog :D I don't want them to meddle. Happy Friday Elena!

  21. Keep the good products coming, Beautiful lady. :)
    Have a lovely weekend with the family.

  22. It seems like a very good product! :D


  23. Just wonderful and thank you so much for your support

  24. che prodotti interessanti :)

  25. Elana, I have not heard of this product but the review that you give it sounds like it is very effective. I need to be using a good SPF product since I do a great deal of walking. I'm trying to find one that won't melt off with sweat. ♡ xox

    I heard it is still incredibly hot there... I do hope that it eases up soo so that it will be more bearable for you and everyone else. I wouldn't like it as I love to walk and I would be unable to do that in the heat you are having ...

  26. Non ho mai provato questi prodotti, ma sembrano ottimi!!!


  27. you're so pretty!

  28. Devo dire che non li ho mai provati :) baci baci

  29. Hey! great blog :) ♥

  30. I'm obsessed with sun protection:) this is sounds so good dear Elena. I wish you and your family are happy weekend:).




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