domenica 19 febbraio 2017

Guerlain, pop colours for the coming spring :)))

Labbra dal colore intenso e glossy, guance delicatamente rosa, mani pop, ciglia lunghe e sexy... E' il nuovo makeup firmato La petite Robe noire di Guerlain, perfetto per la primavera e questi primi giorni di sole e luce dopo il freddo inverno. Io lo adoro... e voi???

Intense coloured and glossy lips, delicately pink cheeks, pop hands, long and sexy eyelashes ... It's the new makeup La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain, perfect for spring and these first few days of sun and light after the cold winter. I love it... and you???
Lip or cheek? To get a gently rosy effect :)

So much moisturizing, a good colour definition, glossy finish!

My fave above all :)))

A touch of colour and happines on the hands...

The rounded tip catches all small lashes, just perfect for mine... Great super black result!

Thanks to my son Lorenzo, 10 years, for the last pic of me :)))



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