giovedì 26 maggio 2016

It's summertime, Dior!

Turchese, pesca, beige e tanti pois sulle mani... E' Milky Dots, la collezione estate del makeup firmato Dior. Viso leggermente abbronzato, occhi in grande evidenza, labbra dolci e lucenti... Semplicemente adorabile :)))

Turquoise, peach, beige and many polka dots on the hands... It's Milky Dots, the summer makeup collection  from Dior. Slightly tanned face, eyes in evidence, sweet and shiny lips... So lovely :)))
The darker shades on the cheecks, the lighter ones on the forhead and chin to get a chic-tanned skin :)

So watery and hydrating...

Base, just one coat, dots...

Glossy and long lasting, 5 days perfect despite working on the pc keyboard all day long

Thanks to my son Lorenzo, 9 year,s fot the last pics of me :)))



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