martedì 29 maggio 2018

Bleu de Chanel Parfum now on stage

For the third time, charmant Gaspard Ulliel is reprising his role as the Bleu de Chanel man. After Martin Scorsese and James Gray, the French actor now steps before the camera of Steve McQueen.
In the wake of the Eau de Toilette, composed in 2010 by Jacques Polge, and the parfum in 2014, Bleu de Chanel now journeys into the territory of parfum.

Following the same theme of desire for freedom that was initiated in the first campaign, here he portrays a man who has matured, who seems more serene, on a quest for inner peace. Set against the song Starman by David Bowie, Steve McQueen’s footage is enhanced by the fragrance’s signature midnight blue.

Now the parfum adjusts the proportions of wood and citrus of the two previous interpretations. Immediately recognizable, the olfactory core of the very first fragrance is tattooed on the skin with the same top notes, the refreshing zests and the fresh sensation of lavender and geranium. Cedar begins to beat at the heart of the formula, running through it like a backbone rooted in the soil. But another wood begins to play its score, slowly winding around the cedar...



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