martedì 19 febbraio 2013

BB cream, is it really useful? For women… or for men?

Claudio Fratoni, National make up artist Lancome. Credits. Silvia Dogliani

Two or three creams, from moisturizer to foundation and primer, in just one product: Do they really work? Or would it be better to go back and use specific products depending on your skin? Bellezzefelici has asked the friendly and irreverent Claudio Fratoni, National makeup artist Lancome.
Q.  BB and CC creams, pretty new products, much loved in Europe.
A.  In reality they were born  in Germany in the thirties when the actresses of the theater were looking for a product that keeps skin soft after removing the terrible greasepaint. Then they were recovered in the 70s and are now back in vogue. But are intended for a very young audience. 

Q. Suited to girls of twenty, thirty years?
A . Especially in the range from 16 to 22 years, perfect for people who do not like to put a base under the foundation and want to cover imperfections of the skin. But the amount of active ingredients is limited. 

Q.  The market also offers the BB for older women with wrinkles.
A. Who do not appreciate them as do men... 

Q. Men?
A.  We found out that many men  try the product of girlfriends or wives, then buy it for themselves. These creams are actually very easy to apply and cover imperfections, suitable for a man's hand not used to brushes or special tools. 

Q. How many creams should be used before makeup?
A. Minimum three: serum, base, eye contour. Nothing compared to Asian women: 14 steps every day...


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