lunedì 11 febbraio 2013

The 3 golden rules for a perfect skin

Eduardo Rodrigues, international make up artist T. LeClerc (past look)
Every morning the same doubt in front of the mirror, when we are in a hurry: How many creams do I have to put on my face before the make up? Which ones in just 5 minutes? Bellezzefelici ha posed these questions to Eduardo Rodrigues, international make up artist by T. Le Clerc.

Eduardo Rodrigues, new look

Q. Eduardo, the first step is...
A. Check out that your skin is properly clean and healthy without impurities. Then be generous with the moisturiser, since the skin absorbs much cream during the day.

Q. Don't forget the eye contour, I imagine.  
A. Right, but we have to put a creamy texture and not a gel because it does not allow the corrector and the foundation to get properly through the skin.

Q.  What's next?
A.  The primer! It's perfect to blur skin imperfections, fill wrinkles and smooth the skin. It eases the application of foundation.

To be honest, after moisturiser, sun protection, anti-spot and eye contour, I often forget to use the primer...


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