martedì 12 febbraio 2013

Dark spots, an aging problem?

Dark spots on the face? It’s a granny problem…  Is it? No, it regards everybody even when very young. Because it’s related to sun exposition and not to only to aging. Can hyperpigmentation be definetely defeated with specific treatments? No, but  it can be much limited, according to Erika Abitelli, chemist, trainer by the Italian Istituto Ganassini (brands Rilastil and Korff).

Erika Abitelli, trainer

Q. Has hyperpigmentation to do with menopause?
A.  Not strictly with menopause, but with sun exposition. Going out without a good protection is very risky.  Some medicines that we are compelled to take for a long time can cause photosensitive reactions as well.  And also…

Q. Are there some more causes?
A. Sure, scars, severe excoriations and pregnancy. 

 Q. Any good solution?
A.  Dark spots can be treated with  highly concentrated products against hyperpigmentation. To prevent new spots you should use such products on the global area, non only locally. And then put your daily moisturizer on the face.  If your skin is very sensible, it would be better to use a very high sun protection cream all the year long. And dont’ forget to pick it up when you go to the mountains!


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