giovedì 21 febbraio 2013

Do pure actives really work? An experiment

Is it possible to use at home products of the aesthetic medicine, much more concentrated than normal moisturizers? Do they really work as well? That’s the project of the Italian brand Collistar, which now offers three pure molecules aimed to restructure and protect the skin. The line Pure Actives is divided into Hyaluronic Acid (moisturizing, lifting), Collagen (anti-wrinkle, firming) and Vitamins A+ C E (regenerating, illuminating) .
These formulas are without scents, alcohol and colourings, have a dense texture, but skin absorbs them easily. They can be used alone, combined before the cream base or together with the latter.

Are the effects on the skin really visible? I tried  to apply a drop of Hyaluronic acid in the hollow of my right hand between the thumb and index finger, an area rich of  small wrinkles and then compared the right hand with the left one, in the same position. It 'an old trick by dermatologists, easy to put into practice. The thick consistency of the molecule - one drop is enough for the whole hand - was absorbed within a minute, at the end of the skin felt moisturized and protected by a film. After 5 minutes the distance between two wrinkels in my right hand was tripled compared to the left one.

How actives work: in the deep layers of the skin matrix extracellular, a substance rich of important molecules of youth, plays an important role. These molecules include: proteins and glycoproteins (collagen, elastin, laminin, fibronectin), sugar polymers (Glycosaominoglycans, GAGs),  hyaluronic acid and proteoglycans. The extracellular matrix stimulates the growth and good condition of the tissues attacked by time, sun and stress.

A bottle of Pure Actives, 30 ml, costs 36 euro in perfume stores.


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